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Russia’s Supreme Court Recognizes Tokens as Assets Like Money and Property – Mickael Mosse

Mickael Mosse
Previously in July this year, Russian courts were debating on whether cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others were legitimate assets. This debate sparked after two people...
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Hash Watch: Bitcoin Cash Services Reveal Contingency Plans for Upcoming Fork

Mickael Mosse
The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is set to upgrade on Sunday, November 15 and it’s still expected that the network will bifurcate. So far, a number...
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Hash Watch: 73% of Bitcoin Cash Blocks Mined With BCHN, Poloniex Launches Fork Futures

Mickael Mosse
The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) upgrade is 21 days away and there’s a possibility the blockchain may bifurcate on November 15. On Sunday, October 25, statistics...

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