Mickael Mosse

Category : Altcoin

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Filecoin Miners Start a Strike – FIL Validators Claim the Project’s Economic Model Is Not Working

Mickael Mosse
The Filecoin project has surely seen a lot of hype but during the last few weeks before the launch, the cooperative digital storage crypto project...
Altcoin Altcoins Andre Cronje Banteg DeFi Eminence scandal EMN EMN investigation team ETH donations ether Ethereum Kirby lending Twitter Yearn Finance Yearn Finance mishap YFI YFI founder YFI3 project

Defi Community Members Aim to Sue Yearn Finance Creator Andre Cronje and Fork YFI

Mickael Mosse
Members of the decentralized finance (defi) community are upset with Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje over the mishap with Cronje’s secret Eminence (EMN) project. The...

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